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Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies

by Stephanie on April 17, 2013

sweet potato brownies (9)

This post is about FAILURE.

Even though the title says Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies, this post is really about the time I FAILED in the kitchen while trying to make sweet potato brownies.  It started out with a simple recipe that I saw on Facebook, or Pinterest or someone else’s blog.  I really can’t remember where I found it but it was a link to “the best paleo brownies ever”.  I am 90% sure it was a link to PaleOMG’s recipe for Sweet Potato Brownies.  

I took this as a challenge.  If someone can bake the best Paleo brownies, then surely I could make even BETTER Paleo brownies.  Never mind the fact that I don’t follow a Paleo diet and my blog is not named PaleOMG!  (4Real: For those who are not familiar with the Paleo diet, it focuses mainly on meats, eggs, vegetables and nuts while it excludes grains, dairy, refined sugars and processed oils).

sweet potato brownies (3)

Neither of these factors were on my mind when I decided to have my own Paleo brownie smackdown!  The plan was to bake two pans of brownies, one using the original recipe and one that I adapted into my own  recipe.  Once they were finished, I would let my family do a blind taste test and determine which brownie was the best.  Obviously mine were going to win, right?

Both pans of chocolately brownies went into the oven at the same time.  Although I do not have the pictures to show you, I could tell the brownies apart in both color and texture before they were even baked.  They were in the oven almost 40 minutes and I could still not tell if they were really cooked through since they stayed soft.  After letting them cool about 15 minutes, I cut into each pan and offered my husband the first bite.

He refused to eat them!  Either pan!  I would consider the fact that I could not even tempt my husband to taste the brownies a complete FAILURE.  Luckily my daughter stepped up to the plate and was willing to be my taste tester.  First I gave her a bite of the competitor’s brownies.  Then I gave her a bite of my (now famous) brownies.

sweet potato brownies (6)

“I like the second one better, Mommy!”

A WIN!  She picked my brownies!

Then I decided to taste the best Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies Ever (mine of course).  I took a bite.  Soft texture, but not really chewy like a normal brownie.  Instead of tasting chocolate, it had a slightly sweet taste that must have been the sweet potato.  These were not going to win any best taste awards.  So I decided to taste the original/competitor recipe.  Same soft, almost uncooked texture.  Although I liked the addition of chocolate chips in these brownies, they had a fruity taste that I did not like at all.  I’m not sure if it was coconut oil/flour or sweet potato that dominated the flavor but it was not chocolate, which I expect in my brownies.

Basically, my recipe won the taste test award for the slightly less terrible version of Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies.

sweet potato brownies (2)

After comparing the two recipes side by side, I noted the main differences were that I used Stonyfield plain non-fat yogurt, a different amount of coconut flour, a mixture of honey and pure maple syrup, and roughly chopped dark and milk chocolate bars.  Then it hit me.  I used dairy in the Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies, which is a FAIL for strict Paleo diets.

It can be fun to experiment in the kitchen.  I like trying new recipes and trying to make them my own.  Even when I fail, I usually learn something from my failures.  This time the lesson I learned was I don’t like sweet potato brownies.  I also learned that since I am a healthy living blogger trying to balance my sweet tooth, a Paleo diet is probably not in my future.

If you would like to try Paleo Sweet Potato Brownies for yourself, go ahead.  I just can’t share my adapted recipe with you because I lost the written copy of the recipe I created!  Another FAILURE.  Maybe my husband found it and threw it away so I would not be tempted to try to make him Paleo brownies again!

Have you ever tried a recipe that failed?  Did you still eat it or did you throw it away?  (4Real: I threw these brownies away after I photographed them).  

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