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Failures in the Kitchen

by Stephanie on May 6, 2012

Since this is somewhat of a food blog, you would think that maybe I would post pictures of food every once in a while.

Unfortunately, my baking experiments have not been very successful lately and I am not really inspired to take beautiful, enticing pictures of baking failures.

About two weeks ago, Mama Pea posted a recipe for Chunky Apple muffins and I instantly knew that I wanted to bake them for the kids to have for breakfast that week.  However I don’t usually have almond or coconut flour in my house (her recipe) so I switched up the recipe a little.  Basically I made my own recipe on the fly and tried to “healthify” my own way with applesauce and greek yogurt.

Source - Peas and Thank You

Let me be the first to say that my two-year old son, Tallen has really stepped up his baking skills.  I told him to let me get the ingredients ready first (so I could keep his little hands away from the knife as I chopped up apples) and I would tell him when I was ready for my baking assistant.  He must have run into the kitchen half a dozen times and asked “Are you ready for me yet?”  My heart goes pitter-patter for a man who bakes, especially one who is barely three feet tall and gives me chocolate milk kisses before I leave for work each morning.

Finally Tallen climbed up on the chair next to the island in the kitchen and stirred those ingredients like only a 2-year-old can.  Which means that there was batter all over the counter, his shirt and his shoes when we finished.  After baking and taste testing the muffins, I would say they tasted fine but were not picture worthy and turned soggy within a day.  Sophia declared that they were so good she could not stop eating them, but she eats anything I put in front of her so I’m not sure she is the best judge of my baking skills.

Last week I was craving something rich and chocolatey, so I turned to my new cookbook from Joy the Baker.  She has a recipe for a single serving chocolate lava cake that looked amazing!  I whipped up TWO servings, thinking that I would be nice and make one for my husband, but he turned me down because he is trying to get back in shape for the summer.  Too bad he missed out, because that left me with TWO single serving chocolate lava cakes!  Which is apparently one too many because I ended up with a stomach ache.

Source: Joy the Baker Cookbook

Source: Joy the Baker Cookbook

Apparently Joy the Baker’s oven cooks much faster than mine.  The recipe indicates that you should bake the cake for 7-10 minutes and leave it a little gooey in the middle .  Mine was still liquid at 10 minutes.  After a few more minutes I could not wait any longer and ended up with an undercooked middle but deliciously sinful cake around the edges.  Next time I will know to cook it for about 14 minutes.  Next time I will also only make ONE cake and not overdose on sweetness.

Have you had any failures in the kitchen lately?  Was it still edible or a total disaster? 

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