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I Hate It

by Stephanie on March 19, 2012

I hate my kitchen. 

I have hated it since we moved into this house almost 7 1/2 years ago.


I hate the pickled white cabinets (that have always looked pink to me) topped with green laminate countertops.  I hate that several cabinets doors have broken over the years and the previous owners just glued them back together without bothering to wipe off the excess glue.   My daughter once asked why we had cheese growing out of cabinet door.


I hate the placement of the drawer pulls.  It has always bothered me that they are so high up, I think they should have been placed in the middle of the drawer. 

I hate that one of the drawers is broken.  About a month ago, I opened the junk drawer (the most used drawer in the house) and the front of the drawer fell off in my hand.  Having nails sticking out of a broken door is not the safest thing for a house with two children under the age of six.


 I hate my kitchen so much… that I am having it torn out this week. 


The ugly pickled pink cabinets will be replaced by these beautiful maple custom cabinets. 


The only thing I don’t love about getting a new kitchen is… well the actual process of getting a new kitchen.  This past weekend I had to take every cup, plate, glass, pot, pan, cookie sheet, etc. out of the kitchen and pack it away.  This morning I covered the couches in the living room with sheets in anticipation of the dust and mess from the demolition.  For the next week (I hope, maybe even two weeks), I will not be able to cook in my kitchen.  I can’t make my morning oatmeal, cook dinner or even wash the dishes. 


My kitchen table has been pushed into the corner of the breakfast.  I kept out the toaster, coffee maker, plastic cups, sippy cups, paper plates and bowls and a tabletop microwave.   


 Then I learned that putting the microwave on the window seat meant it was at the perfect height for two little kids.  Sophia insisted that she could make her own mac-n-cheese (no, she can’t) and I caught Tallen trying to heat up his basketball.  Microwave within kid’s reach = bad idea. 


There is also some space for us to sit and eat, although I am only making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the next few nights.  I did bake some pumpkin muffins on Sunday so we could have breakfast without getting any dishes dirty. 


So this week I am saying goodbye to the kitchen that has been the heart of our home for over seven years.  Let’s hope that by this time next week, I am cooking dinner in my newly remodeled kitchen.  Is that too much to ask?

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