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Why I Am a Failure at Being a Food Blogger

by Stephanie on August 26, 2011

A little over a week ago, a bought some sweet potatoes because I had a specific recipe in mind.   Unfortunately last week I was a little too busy to do a lot of cooking so they just sat in the pantry.  It must have been all of that packing that I was doing for the Healthy Living Summit. 

Monday night after work, I was determined to make up for missing a weekend in the kitchen so I spent the evening making our Supper Sundays on a Monday.  Unfortunately, my family needs dinner on the table within about 20 minutes of me walking in the door or they just might chew their arms off.  So to satisfy their dinner demands, I heated up some veggie burgers and Alexia sweet potato fries, enjoyed some playtime with the kids and everyone went to bed with their arms intact.  After the kids were finally in bed, I ran back to the kitchen and started cooking up a storm. 

Trey tells me I can get mean when I am cooking.  I tell him to get out of my kitchen and no one will get hurt.   Hasn’t he seen the knives I use in that kitchen?  I have a one-track mind when it comes to cooking and cleaning and I kind of go on a rampage until I am finished.

After chopping vegetables for approximately one thousand hours, I started cooking ratatouille.  Now would be a great time to show you beautiful pictures of all of my chopped veggies, but I get a big FAIL in food blogging this week because I have not taken one picture since I got back from HLS.  I think it is because I have camera envy. 

Healthy Tipping Point

Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point knows her way around a Cannon or two

Both of the recipes that I made on Monday were from other bloggers, so I am totally handing out props to Kelly at Foodie Fresh for her ratatouille recipe.  Let’s just agree that it was beautiful and delicious and move on from the fact that I HAVE NO PICTURES TO PROVE IT. 

The next recipe is from Karina at Gluten Free Goddess, whose Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchilada recipe won the Whole Foods Budget recipe contest. 


This picture is totally credited to Karina.  I wanted you to see it because I can’t begin to tell you how delicious these enchiladas were.  It was an interesting combination of flavors with the sweetness from the potatoes, the smoky flavor of the cumin and the burst of freshness from the lime and cilantro.  My modifications to the recipe was to use a jar of green chile/jalapeno salsa instead of making my own green chili sauce.  I also used La Tortilla Factory whole wheat tortillas (low carb & high fiber) which we always have in our pantry. 

 Again, no pictures of my own to share.  Do I really need to remind you that I suck at taking pictures this week?  I could make excuses but the real reason I haven’t pick up my point and shoot is because I really want a new camera, specifically a DSLR because according to Kelly, it “will change your life.”   Trey are you reading this?  Think early birthday gift!!!

Monday night I finished up in the kitchen after 9 PM and did not even taste either of the meals I cooked.  On Tuesday, I brought my enchiladas to work for lunch but forgot that I had a lunchtime meeting (where food was provided).  It wasn’t until Tuesday night that I was able to sit down and take my first bite of this delicious dish.  By then it was too late to hide them from Trey.  I was shocked that he loved this recipe as much as I did and he made sure to ask me to make this meal again.  (I did not point out the fact that this was in fact, another meatless meal and I’m not sure he noticed he was missing out on meat either). 

I am looking forward to a fun, busy weekend with my family.  Because I paid attention to Monica at Run Eat Repeat and learned about Blogger Safety at HLS, I can’t tell you what our plans are but I will be sure to fill you in after the fact.  Like on Monday.  When our fun weekend is over.  It really is exciting…

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