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What a Day (1) at Healthy Living Summit

by Stephanie on August 20, 2011

Friday morning I was up at 4:00 AM, getting ready for my trip to Philadelphia for the Healthy Living Conference.  It was too early to eat breakfast, so I made an egg sandwich to take with me to the airport.  Apparently the airport is the to be on a Friday morning at 5:00 AM because it was packed!  After a 30 minute wait to get through security and a thorough pat-down, I headed to Starbucks for a latte. I finally was able to dig into my breakfast and ALMOST forgot to take a picture of it before I ate the whole thing. 

After attempting to sleep for a few hours on the plane, I passed the time by reading Mama Pea’s new cookbook.  Good thing I brought a snack because her recipeas were making me hungry!

 When I landed in Philly, I met up with some fellow bloggers who were also attending the conference. 

While some bloggers chose to take a cab, we decided to take the train to downtown.  I was glad to have some friends to help me navigate the public transportation. 

Once we arrived at the hotel, it was time to do what food bloggers do best… EAT!  We made quite the spectacle, with about 30+ women parading down the streets.  After attempting to take over a small vegetarian sandwich shop, we soon realized that we needed to split up into smaller groups. 

I was excited when my group decided to head to Reading Terminal, an  indoor farmer’s market with a huge selection of food vendors.  

I chose a mediterranean deli that had a large selection of fresh sandwiches, salads and pastas.  I could not wait to try this sandwich filled with grilled chicken, artichokes, mushrooms, provolone and a drizzle of balsamic.  Mmmm.   

 It was delicious and it hit the spot after a long day of traveling.   

After lunch it was time to stop by registration so we could pick up our nametags and more importantly, our SWAG bags!  The HLS committee was busy this week stuffing 225 bags with lots of goodies. 

 Look at all this food that was packed in our bags.  Good thing I brough a big suitcase so I can get it home! 

After spending some time getting to know my new roommates, we were off to the cocktail party at Reading Terminal.  There was a buffet full of heavy hors’ doeuvres, drinks and a chia seed inspired cocktail! 

I enjoyed the selection of local beer offered at the cocktail party.  It was a great night of meeting new people and making new friends.  Not to mention, taking lots of pictures!

Roommates for the weekend… Andrea, Kelly, Tanya and me at the party.  I found it funny that when you met someone, first you asked their name then you asked for the name of their blog.  (Before this weekend, I only knew Kelly as Foodie Fresh). 

After getting over the initial cocktail party awkwardness, I met a lot of new bloggers on Friday night.  Alli at Allie Learns Life was one of the new friends I made this weekend. 


 More cocktail party pics and more new blogger friends.  Or blends, as Heather called us (Blogger + Friends = Blends)


When you mix a group of bloggers with free cocktails and a fun photo booth, this is what you get!!!

Kelly, Erin and I were rockin’ our cool nametags.  The first day of the Healthy Living Summit was exciting, a little overwhelming and exhausting.  After the cocktail party we headed to our rooms to get some rest.  Saturday is going to be a busy day!


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