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Packing for HLS… and panicking

by Stephanie on August 17, 2011

You may have heard around the blog world that there is this little conference taking place over the weekend called the Healthy Living Summit.  My flight to Philly leaves early Friday morning and I am so excited to be attending for the first time this year!  Well, excited and nervous.  Although I read a lot of blogs and interact with other bloggers through comments, twitter and emails, this will be the first time that I have met any of them in person.  I hope that I don’t panic, get all shy and nervous and stand in the corner by myself.

Don't let me panic and hide in the corner, come say hello!

4 Real: If any other HLS attendees are reading this, come say hello if you see me standing in the corner by myself.  I swear I will be so excited to meet you!  I might even suggest that we hit up the nearest frozen yogurt place, so we will feel right at home.  Then we can whip out our cameras and take pictures of our toppings and stuff.   Then we can post the pics on our blogs, because that is what we do best. 

Bloggers come together with a bowl of fro-yo!

Last night I attempted to start packing for the conference.  First I checked out the weather in Philly and got excited to see that the temperatures are expected to be between 68 degrees at night and 80-85 degrees during the day.  It is also supposed to rain all weekend (boo).  The rain will really put a damper on the 6 mile run that I have planned early Saturday morning with Ali and Clare

Then I went back to the Healthy Living Summit website and checked out the dress code for the weekend.  First I need a cocktail dress for the party on Friday night – Check!  (Btw, I am wearing a hot pink dress so I don’t blend into the background.  You know, when I am being all shy and standing in the corner by myself).  Don’t confuse me with Holly at Pink Runner (who I am SO EXCITED to finally meet in person), who will also be wearing lots of pink over the weekend. 

Next, I needed running clothes for my training run on Saturday and a fun 5K run walk that is planned for Sunday morning.  Check and check.  Then came the big question about what to wear to the actual conference on Saturday.  The dress code suggests something comfortable and even encouraged yoga pants.  This is where the panic started to set in.  I want to be comfortable but I also worry about cold inside at the hotel during the conference.  Most of my yoga pants are so worn out that I don’t even like to wear them to yoga class, much less a conference room full of bloggers who act like it is their job to take pictures of everything around them (well, I guess that kind of is their job).  See what I mean about PANIC?

Finally I calmed down, picked a few outfits for the weekend and tried them on.  I may have even attempted a few deep-knee bends in my cargo capri pants to make sure they were comfortable.  Then I went to pick a pair of pajamas and I realized we had a big problem.  I have not bought new pajamas since I was pregnant with Tallen over two years ago.  That meant most of my sleepwear is 2 sizes two big.  While that may be fine in the privacy of my own home, it is not the best attire when I am sharing a room with three other bloggers whom I have never met! 

So today at lunch, I drove down to the Galleria and marched right into Old Navy (as fast as I could march in these heels) and bought me some new clothes. 

These shoes were not made for shopping!

4 Real: Dear husband, all of the shopping I did today was totally justified.  You really don’t want a picture of your wife in her two-year old nursing pajamas showing up in the blogosphere do you?  Think of the potential wardrobe malfunctions in that nursing top, with all the weird secret openings and stuff.  Now I have a proper pair of pajamas that do not make me look like the Incredible Shrinking woman.  Oh, the yoga pants, capri leggings, tanks and sport bras will be put to good use too. 

Now that the shopping damage is done (as Caitlin put it), I can go home and finish packing tonight without any more panic attacks.  I am really very excited to meet so many new people this weekend, learn lots of tips and tricks about healthy living blogging and tour the city of Philadelphia.  I’m not going to lie, I am also a little excited about the fact that I have a three hour plane ride all by myself where I can catch up on these…

A little light reading for the plane

I am also expecting this to be sitting by my front door when I get home.  It should also keep me busy on the plane. 

Peas and Thank You – I can’t wait to try some new recipes when I get home!
Are you going to the Healthy Living Summit?  Have you started packing (or panicking yet)? 
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