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I Can Feel the Temperature Rising

by Stephanie on August 1, 2011

Two things are heating up here in Texas… My half marathon training and the temperature!  

Yesterday morning I pulled into the parking lot of the running store to meet up with my training group and my car showed that it was 89 degrees outside at 5:41 AM.  Even though I am in the building group and we were “only” scheduled to run 4 miles, it was mandatory that we carry water with us in this heat.  So I strapped on my super-cool modified iFitness hydration belt filled with water and headed out in the dark.  

I was sweating before we even started running...

Our route takes us through an area of Dallas that is well-known for its bars and restaurants.  One would think that by 6 AM on Sunday morning, most people have made it home from their Saturday night out but we were passed by a car full of hard-core partiers during our run.  They were honking, hanging out the windows of their car and waving their beer cans as they passed us on the street. 

Tomorrow morning we were scheduled to run 4-5 miles but due to the excessive heat, all training groups are scaling back on their mileage.  Now we are just running 3 miles.  I find it interesting that during my first half marathon training that started in February, we had to cancel some scheduled runs due to ice storms.  Six months later at the beginning of my second half marathon training, we are scaling back due to the heat.  The temperature is expected to reach 108-110 degrees every day for the rest of the week.  Holy Firecracker HOT! 

Today I am staying inside to keep cool.  I am also snacking on delicious yogurt parfaits like this one.  Siggi’s vanilla yogurt, fresh blueberries, ground flaxseed and granola. 

A cool treat on this hot day

Tomorrow is a very special day, because my daughter turns 5!  Yesterday Sophia helped me bake her birthday cake and tonight we are going to decorate it.  Originally she wanted a white cake with cherries and red icing but over the weekend she changed her mind to a vanilla cake with yellow frosting.  I am more than happy to skip the vampire induced red icing on the cake.  Ok, I am off to do some birthday shopping this evening.   

Has the summer weather affected your workouts?  Have you had to scale back or move your training indoors?  Do you carry water with you on your runs to stay hydrated in this heat?


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