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The Second Week of Christmas

by Stephanie on December 12, 2014

Another week of the Christmas season has flown by, of course we had another busy week. This one was packed with decorating, painting, gift buying, Christmas programs and cookie making!

Kid Christmas Picture

I have to start off this post with an adorable picture of my kids from church on Sunday. I call this picture “The Christmas Miracle” because 1) my kids asked ME to take their picture, not the other way around, 2) they wanted me to take a picture of them together, when usually the idea of them getting close enough to touch makes Sophia roll her eyes and 3), they are dressed nicely for church, their faces are clean and their hair is brushed which is the trifecta every mom hopes for in pictures of their kids. The biggest question here is why does my daughter look 13 in this picture when she is actually 8 years old?

Christmas 1

Christmas 3

Last Friday night, our little family of four hung decorations on the tree and per tradition, Trey let Sophia put the angel on top of the tree while I prayed they would not fall off the ladder and get injured. My husband does not have a good history with ladders or injuries, which is why he is not permitted to put up Christmas lights on our house. We actually pay someone to put them up for us (don’t judge, I live in Dallas where paying someone to put up your Christmas lights is a thing). The pictures were a little blurry because I would hurry up and take a picture then rush back to hold the ladder, while repeatedly telling Tallen to quit crawling under the ladder. Being a parent is not for the faint of heart. Painting 2Painting 1

After getting into the Christmas spirit on Friday night, we took the kids to the pottery place on Saturday to make presents for my grandparents. Even though Trey usually hates all things crafty and messy, he actually finished the piece that Tallen and I started painting so we could all say we contributed to their gift. I liked the fact we could take pieces home the same day we painted them, even though I almost broke the piece that Tallen painted before we even got it home!

Quick story, when we got home from the pottery place, I got out of the car in front of our house and was walking along the curb to the sidewalk. I was wearing my sunglasses (so it was a little dark) and I was holding his pottery on a paper plate when suddenly my foot slipped into a deep hole in our yard and I fell down!  The hole was so deep that my shoe came off my foot and was lodged in the hole but I didn’t get hurt at all. My focus was on NOT dropping the pottery – it did bounce off the plate onto the ground after I fell but it landed on the grass in one piece.

Five minutes later, my husband had filled the hole in the yard and no one will ever fall in it again. (He felt bad, even though it wasn’t his fault). I laughed it off but it could have been bad, I could have twisted my ankle!

After the “falling in the hole in the front yard” incident, we took the kids to my in-laws house and starting some serious Christmas shopping. Armed with Christmas lists, coupons and info on the best sales, we finished shopping for our kids and most of our family.  We hope to finish up this weekend, date night Christmas shopping is my favorite kind of shopping!

Christmas cookies 1

Christmas cookies 2

Sunday and Monday were dedicated to baking Christmas cookies. On Sunday I made dough for five different kinds of cookies, scooped it into cookie balls and froze it. The weekend before Christmas, I will pull out the dough and bake it all so we can give cookies away to neighbors and friends. On Monday night, the kids “helped” me with the sugar cookies cutouts (which means they fought over their favorite cookie cutters and kept trying to eat all the dough before we baked it).  For some reason I did not get any pictures of the cookies once they were decorated. Be glad I spared you though, Tallen decided to add blue food coloring to the white frosting that made it look grayish blue and dumped a container of sprinkles the two cookies he managed to decorate. He his banished from using sprinkles in the future. Then he leaned over the table, got his cookie stuck to his shirt and burst into tears. Awesome.

I then proceeded to eat about two dozen Christmas sugar cookies over the next two days. I can’t help it, once I get started on sugar cookies I can’t stop.

Elementary program

Preschool program

Tuesday and Thursday night this week were the Christmas programs at school for our kids, Tallen had one on Tuesday night and Sophia had one on Thursday night. Believe it our not, those two pictures above are from different nights. Same school, same sanctuary, same seats, but with different kids performing (one was for preschool and one was for elementary grades). I consider children’s programs to be a test of patience and self-control; Patience because it took 10 minutes just to get the preschool kids on the stage and self-control because it is hard to control my laughter when listening to overenthusiastic first graders YELLING the songs instead of singing.

Christmas Tree at the Galleria

On Thursday, I ran over to Galleria Dallas on my lunch break and finished up a little more of my shopping. The Galleria boasts the largest indoor Christmas tree in the country, coming in at over four stories tall. And I heard that Santa skated around this huge tree wearing ice skates with flames shooting out of the back of his skates to kick off the Christmas season. It’s Texas y’all. That’s all I can say.

So to sum it up, during the second week of Christmas we decorated, painted, baked, frosted and sprinkled, stuffed our faces, watched two children Christmas programs, saw the biggest tree in the country and shopped till we dropped (when I fell in the hole).

Hope you are enjoying your holidays!


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