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12 Quick and Easy Family Meals

by Stephanie Suire on August 1, 2014

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Check out Quick and Easy Family Meals

by Stephanie Suire at

Family dinner time has disappeared from our house over the summer.  The kids are home all day and off their schedule, eating breakfast at 10 AM, lunch in mid afternoon and snacking before I get home. The Texas heat makes me tired and irritable, not a good combination when faced with cooking dinner over a hot stove when I get home.


I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am ready for school to start. At least so we can get back a normal routine, with dinner time and bed time at set times each night. Right now my kids stay up until 9:30, which is what time I am ready for bed!

To get motivated to start cooking family meals again once school starts (in about three weeks), I started looking for quick and easy meals that they kids enjoy so we can get back to Family Dinner nights!  The website lets you search and browse through recipes based on pictures and descriptions of the dishes. You can then create “collections” of recipes you want to recreate at home, even adding your own recipes or uploading them from other websites.  Your recipes and collections are also shared with other members, so you can collect or love other recipes and collections that members post.

Foodie screenshot

I just started exploring this site but can’t wait to start creating other collections, like quick kid’s lunch recipes, back to school breakfast ideas and football tailgating food!  You need to visit and browse the current recipes and collections.  I am excited to see what recipes you find, hopefully it will inspire you to get back in the kitchen.

Trust me, I will be counting down these last three weeks until I join you there.

Are you ready for school to start? How many days/weeks until your kids go back to school? How many times a week do you eat dinner together as a family? 

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