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Working Mom and Busy Season

by Stephanie on January 20, 2015

It is no secret that my workload has been a little heavy these past few months. 50+ hour work weeks are the norm since I rarely leave work on time these days.  I even have hashtags on my instagram account to show for it…

#workingmom #busyseason #busy

To offset my busy work weeks, I have been purposely spending my weekends getting as much rest as possible which involves sleeping past 6 AM, staying in pajamas, and catching up on my reading list. This weekend was extra special because I spent 18 entire hours in my house all ALONE. Since Trey was going out-of-town and I had a 13 mile run planned on Saturday morning, the kids stayed with their Gran on Friday night.  Although I still had to work late on Friday, once I left the office I had the entire evening ahead of me to do whatever I wanted!

If you are single or even married without kids, this may not sound like a big deal. But for me, an entire evening alone = paradise.

Red wine 1

After changing out of my work clothes and heels into essentially jeans and sneakers (my new Reebok Skyscapes), I wanted dinner and a drink. Some people may be horrified at the thought of dining alone but I am not one of them. Black Walnut Café just opened near my neighborhood so I went to the bar, ordered a glass of wine and a big plate of spinach & artichoke pasta.  Besides the loud, drunk guy next to me who kept trying to convince his date to go to Fort Worth for some parade (he asked at least 8 times, “So, do you want to go to the parade?” as he showed her a print out of the parade route), it was a pleasant dinner.

stack of books

Coffee and dessert 1

My plan for the rest of the evening was to find a coffee shop and finish an overdue blog post, then tackle one of the books in the stack I have been collecting beside my bed.  Dessert was also high on my priority list, I figured after my busy week I needed dessert too.  ZenZero in Coppell is open on Friday nights and even though they do not have comfy chairs for lounging, they have excellent desserts so that is where I headed next. By 9:30 PM, I was tired, full, finished with my blog post, ready to read and go to bed. Exciting stuff, I know.

Recently I joined the alumni group of Team in Training (TNT), specifically so I can train with them on weekends for my marathon. Since I did not hear back from them about where to meet at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning, I ended up sleeping late instead. Actually, the pug woke me up at 3 AM and again at 6 AM, barking to tell me she needed to go outside and potty. After letting her out, I went back to bed both times. Finally around 7:30, I got out of bed and made myself coffee and breakfast. NO ONE was around to ask me to cook for them, pour them a glass a milk, wipe their behinds or even watch them play Minecraft on their iPad. I did not even turn on the TV, I just sat on the couch in the silence trying to read and it was glorious. I say trying to read, because the pug was excited to have me home and all to herself so she kept climbing in my lap while I tried to read my book.

Cocopuff reading

By 10:00, the sun was out and it had warmed up to 55 degrees so I headed out for my long run. My motivation was severely lacking, I could have sat on the couch all day but since I was solo parenting the rest of the weekend, I knew I had to run that morning. When I finally stepped outside, I had rationalized that I should cut back my run from 12 to 8 miles because I was tired from my work week.  Apparently the good weather gave me some runspiration because I kept going, adding a loop on the west side of the park to finish with a total of 11 miles!

Although I LOVED my morning alone, after my run I was ready to see my kids.  I took a quick shower, put on a pair of compression sleeves under my pants then headed out to pick them up from my mother-in-law.  Tallen must have caught a cold from his dad, apparently he had been coughing all night and was very whiney.  We spent the rest of the afternoon at the library, where the kids put on a puppet show for me, then at home on the couch watching movies.

Puppet show

Cooking is how I comfort, so I made a very kid-friendly dinner of “Magic Mini Meatloves” with green beans, mashed potatoes and whole wheat rolls.  Dessert was pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream, which was also kid approved. Finally, we all piled in my bed a little before 9 PM to snuggle and read books before going to sleep. Well, I tried to go to sleep but my kids were having a stuffed animal fight and I kicked them out of my bed around 10 PM so I could rest.

Sunday morning we broke our pancake tradition and I made cinnamon rolls instead, along with a strong pot of coffee all for me. Since I could not convince the kids to get dressed for church, I watched the live feed of the morning service while they “played,” which is code for destroying their bathroom while they played spa. The rest of my day was spent cleaning the kitchen, organizing their craft supplies and making a special dinner…

Tallen server

Daddy Daughter Date

Sophia misses her daddy whenever he is gone for more than a few hours, so we planned a “Daddy Daughter Date” for when he returned from his weekend. I make the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Skillet Chicken Lasagna while Sophia set the table and got dressed for her date. She decided that I would be the waitress and Tallen would be the server, so she made her brother dress all in black for the occasion. Apparently he picked out a conductor hat to wear and said to pretend it was a chef’s hat. Sophia also gave us white napkins to drape over our arms, to make us look like official wait staff in a restaurant.  Once Trey was home, we gave him a few minutes to go to the bathroom and change into a nicer shirt (for his date), then I escorted them to the table and served appetizers, drinks, dinner and dessert. This time I grilled the pound cake, spread it with Nutella, then topped it with strawberries for a more “grown-up” version of dessert. Watching Sophia giggle and smile the entire “date” was too cute!  Tallen and I were not allowed to join them at the restaurant for dinner, so we ate in the kitchen instead (although I think Tallen eventually crashed their date because he missed his daddy too).

This busy working mom LOVES when she gets to spend her weekends with her family!  Now it is back to work to finish out the last few weeks of busy season.  Then I might plan a special mommy/daughter date for Sophia and me, a date night with Trey and a mommy/son date with Tallen. They all have missed spending time with me the last few months.

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